H O L I S T I C  H E A L T H  S I M P L I F I E D


Welcome to Awake & Well! I’m Emmalee – wife, mama, and RN turned Holistic Health Coach.

My interest in holistic health began in my early 20’s after being diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions. I saw several physicians over the span of two years and they all said the same thing: I would always be sick, I would always need to take medication, my life would never be the same. Thankfully, they were all wrong.

I tried following their guidance at first. For over a year I took all the medications they prescribed me, despite the terrible side effects, I went to all of my appointments. And in some ways, I did feel better… but in other ways I felt much worse.

I asked one doctor what else I could be doing, besides medication, to help manage my diagnoses… Were there certain habits I could change? Things I should or shouldn’t eat? He laughed and casually told me that diet and lifestyle didn’t have any impact on chronic disease. Something about his answer didn’t sit right with me, so I began to search for another way. When I discovered that diet and lifestyle were actually the biggest contributors to my overall health, I stopped all of my meds cold turkey and never looked back. I’ve now been symptom-free for three years and had normal blood work for two years. I can proudly say I no longer meet the criteria for either of my “life-long” autoimmune conditions.

But getting here wasn’t easy. I spent years experimenting with different diets, supplements, and extreme protocols before realizing that the path to health is actually pretty simple. It’s not about taking dozens of supplements or eliminating all of the so-called “inflammatory” foods, it doesn’t involve spending hours in the gym 5+ days a week or eating lots of green vegetables. While I believe the answer is simple, it’s often hard to find. But it shouldn’t be.

Simplicity is something I value in many areas of life and my personal experience in healing my body has made me especially passionate about helping other women who are looking for the simple answer.

I hope I can add value to your life in some way, whether it’s through the educational content I share on Instagram or through working 1-1 together. Regardless, I am so happy you’re here!